7 exercise methods for the elderly

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7 ways to exercise for the elderly not to be missed

how to exercise There are several ways. But what methods are suitable for the elderly? We have found the answer with 7 exercise methods that are easy, beneficial and harmless to the elderly.

Precautions for exercising for the elderly

1. You should not exercise. to compete But for better enjoyment or relaxation

2. You should not hold your breath. while exercising because it immediately raises the blood pressure or causing the blood to feed the cerebral muscles in time. สมัคร ufabet

3. Do not stop exercising abruptly. Slowly reduce the speed for at least 5-10 minutes and then stop.

4. You should exercise slowly. Try to start with a small amount of time and gradually add more time next time.

5. If abnormal symptoms occur during exercise such as dizziness Uncontrollable movement, chest pain, shortness of breath, requiring weight reduction or stop exercising immediately

form of exercise suitable for seniors

The Department of Health has recommended exercise. for the elderly as follows:

1. Walking or running slowly

Older people should start exercising from light to vigorous by walking slowly. in order for the body to adjust for a while until the body gets used to walking and then gradually increase the speed to a brisk walk or run For people with knee or ankle problems, they should not run. because it will result in more injuries

Walking or running can be done at the field or health park. with clear air It has a smooth surface so that it doesn’t fall over. In addition, choose to wear sneakers that fit well to maintain joints. Not to get too much shock

2. Exercise

An alternative for those who want to exercise at home. by being able to exercise in all proportions as well as training endurance, balance and flexibility of the body There are many exercise positions to choose from as appropriate, such as stretching the calves, tiptoes, squatting the knees, rocking the body, etc.

3. Swimming or walking in water

water exercises for seniors Suitable for people with osteoarthritis of the knees because swimming reduces direct impact on hard ground. Helps to train muscles in all parts of the body and practice systematic breathing. For seniors who can’t swim You can exercise by walking in the water to exert more muscle.

4. Ride a bike

Cycling is suitable for older people who are strong. Because I have to control the bike and exert more than usual. Cycling helps strengthen the leg muscles more. It also makes it possible to get pleasure from riding to different places. and suitable for going as a group

5. Chinese Boxing Dance

Chinese boxing dance is an exercise suitable for the elderly that provides both endurance, strength and flexibility, which, in addition to the physical aspect, also helps to train the mind. and natural breathing. because they will come to exercise together as a group And help create an aging society with a passion for taking care of themselves as well

6. Yoga

Yoga is a science that results in better health for those who practice it. both physically and mentally But exercising with yoga must be practiced properly to be effective for the body.

How to exercise - the elderly - exercise

7. Blackjack dance

The club dance is good for the spine. This effect is especially good on the organs at the end of the body such as the toes. It also helps to stretch the hamstrings and calf muscles as well. And the calf muscles are involved in the movement. The flexion of the extremities of the body, such as the hands and feet, increases the flexibility of the body.