7 techniques to “walk” how to be “thin”

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Although the trend of exercising by “running” is continually popular in the mind nowadays. But there are still some people who don’t like to run. or the body is not yet ready to run because he had never exercised before Or maybe with a body that is not very conducive to running. Therefore, they choose to walk more instead.

but will walk normally It may not be as effective as running. So we have a simple technique. That will allow you to exercise by “walking” that gives results similar to “running” for you. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

1. wearing running shoes

Even if our exercise is just walking. But choosing to wear running shoes to walk It is a very good option. Because running shoes are designed to absorb impact well. Makes our every step smoother. Injuries to the feet, ankles, knees, or overall legs will be less, fatigue slower, and most importantly, if we get good, comfortable shoes to walk, we want to walk for a long time, right?

2. gain weight

instead of walking slowly and steadily take distance to fight Try switching to shorter walking distances. but takes less time and more efficient like adding weight to a small additional obstacle, such as a backpack Or a sand bag strapped to the ankle, you can add 0.5 kg per side, or just take it easy, just walk to the market. Walk to the supermarket to buy groceries. and walk back This is considered to be more obstacles to walking (which is good, burns a lot more calories).

3. walk faster

instead of walking and taking in the wind and enjoying the view Try to challenge yourself a little more. with increased walking acceleration May play a fast tempo song Accompaniment while walking (turn it on soft enough to hear the atmosphere outside as well) or limit walking time Where do you have to walk? Within how many minutes, etc. I guarantee that just walking will make you pant like jogging as well.

4. Don’t forget to swing your arms.

proper arm swing It will help our walking more efficient. walk more flexibly and light centrifugal force from the arms, it will help push the body forward making it easier to walk proper arm swing Is to swing arms alternately with walking legs, such as stepping on the right foot, swinging the left arm forward alternately, the height of the arm is not more than the chest And every time you swing your arm, you must be aware that the muscles in your shoulders, neck, and back move along with your arm’s swing.


5. Walk up stairs/stairs

Traveling flat alone was too boring. The same reason many people choose to run in the park. Because we will find different areas naturally, cement, sand, grass or slopes, slopes and stairs. We can walk up and down the stairs. or repetitive steep slopes until you get tired then heading for a smooth journey These pathways stimulate the muscles to work a little more. including the heart muscle (light cardio)

6. Walk for at least 30 minutes continuously.

exercise that works or exercising continuously for a certain time On average, it is recommended to exercise for at least 30 minutes in a row so that all muscles can work continuously for a while. Let our workouts be powerful enough to actually burn off the energy from the food we get.

7. Before-after walking, warm up-cool down would be good.

Don’t forget that even walking is just a leisurely walk. Not as tiring as other types of exercise But in the end, walking is also an exercise if there is a warm up and cool down before and after walking. It will help reduce injuries from walking (walking briskly, walking up stairs, Accidentally tense the foot, tense the leg up will not have muscle inflammation or cramps can arise)

Who is not ready to run? You can come and exercise with us first. In addition to being a start that is not too tired. may also invite parents Or elder relatives can come and exercise with us as well.