Back pain, what are the causes?

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Back pain is considered a symptom that can occur to people of all genders and ages. And in most cases, people who have had back pain often do not get cured. Even if the pain is temporary, the pain often returns.

For those who have read the series “Warning sounds from the body” in the past several episodes I believe that many of you will start listening to your own body more. The โปรโมชั่น ufabet Institute would like to emphasize that everyone can see the value of the body more. Because if any part of the body is damaged Even just one part It can affect the entire body.

In many studies it has been said that Back pain is a problem that affects 70-80% of the world’s population. Back pain has a direct effect on the body. Decreases work potential Affects the mood and mind cause stress Deteriorating efficiency in life Having to pay for chronic medical care Directly affecting the family economy It is also a main problem that has a continuous effect on the development of personnel, society, and the economy of the nation.

Back pain is therefore considered to be one of the major problems that affect individuals, the economy, and society that we forget to think about. 

Therefore, we should not ignore this warning signal from the body. Because in addition to affecting ourselves It also affects society and the nation. Back pain is caused by 2 main causes:

1. 90% are caused by abnormalities in the body structure and

2. 10% are caused by other disease conditions

We should first know what disease conditions the 10% can be caused by. Diseases that cause back pain include kidney disease, cancer, hepatitis, stomach disease, and reproductive system diseases. or other abdominal diseases (Visceral refer pain), etc. These diseases will result in contraction of the muscles in the back and cause us to have back pain as a result.

You can listen to your body to determine the exact cause of your back pain. The key to separating the cause of back pain lies in observing the symptoms. That is, listening to the sounds of the body.

Back pain causes