Dortmund made a late back-to-back 3-1 victory over Freiburg.

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Borussia Dortmund earned their second win in a row. After accelerating three late goals from the substitutes in a 3-1 win over Freiburg football team.

  Freiburg sent Michael Gregoritsch in front. While Dortmund started for veteran striker Anthony Modast. Who recently joined from Colone immediately entered the real thing.

The hosts had a chance to win first in the 9th minute. Christian Gunter added the offensive game before turning the ball into the middle, pretending to get into the goal. UFABET But Mats Hummels blocked it from the line. 

Freiburg had a chance to win again in the 34th minute from a free-kick in front of the penalty area. Vincenzo Grifo spun with a focus on the left. Gregor Kobel had to forcefully brush off the back.

After a corner kick, Freiburg took the lead 1-0 when Matthias Ginter headed for Michael Gregoritsch to head again. Sending the ball back into a beautiful triangle 

Dortmund went hard and had a chance in the 38th minute. Mahmoud Dahoud passed the ball to Anthony Modast, creating a shot in the penalty area. But the ball fell off the post behind him. Ending the first half, Freiburg led 1-0. 

In the second half of the 63rd minute Freiburg found another chance, Vincenzo Grifo passed the ball to Michael Gregoritsch, a narrow angle shot, but not past Gregor Kobel’s hand.  

74 minutes Freiburg had another chance.

Ritsu Doan opened for Gregoritsch to head, but this time the ball crossed the bar behind him.

But three minutes later, Dortmund equalized 1-1 when substitute Jamie Binoe Gittens flirted with his team-mates before firing from far in front of Mark Fleck’s penalty area. Ken admits the mistake of letting the ball fly over his own head before stubbornly entering the goal.

Another Dortmund substitute, Youssoufa Mugcola, fired for the team in the 84th minute after team-mates put on the ball before Julian Brandt kicked him in with a shot from the left. into

Dortmund scored the winning goal in the 88th minute, with substitute Marius Wolfe as well. Seize the ball on the right side before going into the penalty area and lock it into the left, shoot at the far post decisively, resulting in the end of the game, Dortmund accelerated the end of the game to defeat Freiburg 3-1 to the fullest.