Matthaus impressed with Bayern Munich good start to the season.

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Bayern Munich kicked off the new season with a heat that impressed legend Lothar Matthaus. Germany and Bayern Munich legend Lothar Matthaus has revealed. He was impressed with the way the Bavarian side dealt with the loss of Robert Lewand. But Julian Nagelsmann’s side have started the new year with a 5-3 win over RB Leipzig in the German Super Cup. Followed by a thrashing of Eintrach Frankfurt 6-1 in the opening game of the Bundesliga season last week. Sky Germany sports report on Friday. 

‘It almost impressed Munich without Lewandowski.’ the 61-year-old legend wrote in his column. ‘In fact, this is a happier play’.

‘The system has been optimized for Lewandowski and it has been very successful too. Ultimately it’s not a handicap if a player scores 50 goals,’ Matthaus said. Every player can show himself and breathe a little. You can tell that everyone is playing more freely and more freely. Also, people are not very attached to their position. And you have a lot of flexibility in attacking.’ UFABET

However, Bayern Munich lost their talent after about 60 minutes. But Matthaus was not worry about that. However, the Tiger team is not recommend to ignore what happen as well.

‘It’s very normal for the team not to go full speed with that score. But it also saves a little stamina for the upcoming weeks and months. But I’m sure this team can perform throughout the game if necessary.’