Pep Guardiola urges ‘boat players’ to think of ‘three champions’

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has admitted to letting go of the pain of last season’s elimination. ready to confirm at this point The team can imagine and imagine doing a triple championship.

Last season, “The Blues” were eliminated in the semi-finals by Real Madrid in extra time with a total score of 6-5 seasons

. This couple met again in the same round. And as Guardiola’s team made excuses through the finals successfully with the first leg tied 1-1 before coming back to play at home, collapsed 4-0

. It made us feel amazing,” Guardiola revealed after the game. the UFABET report

“Last season’s defeat caused us a lot of pain. We kept that pain for 1 year and today we released everything… We gained energy from last year’s pain.”

“Last season we played quite similarly to today. And I remember Toni Kroos (Madrid midfielder) giving an interview after the first leg at the Etihad saying they could lose us 10-1 or 10-2

. I used to work and what he said then even more painful Because we were so close.”

“At that time, we had to swallow the pain. But in the world of football and in all sports. You always have a chance to make excuses ′

′ When we face Madrid again, I accept it with pleasure. I want to meet them And I think today we released everything ′

′ That defeat. Causing many people to say that our players lack character But within a year, they’ve shown just how special they are.”

In addition to the Champions League, Manchester City is also on the path of both the FA Cup and the Premier League, which if you get all of them. It will make history as the second English team to do so and Pep was asked further about his chances.

“We have come this far. Therefore, players can think “We only have to win three more games that we can do, one in the Premier League and

then against our neighbors in the FA Cup and reach the final. Champions League against Italian teams

. Going to the final against an Italian team is not the best gift. They have a fighter’s heart ′′ ′

′ When you compete. Champions League success, you have to celebrate but unfortunately we don’t have time. Because this Sunday we can win the Premier League immediately

. Tomorrow we will go back to live with family. Then come back and prepare for the game against Chelsea.”

Spanish coach Concluding with a word of encouragement

“One year has passed. We reach the Champions League final, life and football always gives opportunities. If you don’t give up”