‘Pioli’ disappointed Milan did not reach the side

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Stefano Pioli admitte he was disappoint at AC Milan inability to reach the Champions League final after losing 1-0 to Inter in the second leg last night

. with rivals in the city 2-0 in the first leg and also lacking an important offensive player like

Rafael Leao as well He came close to scoring the lead in the first half

, however, with Lautaro Martinez scoring the winner for Inter as they progressed to the final between Real Madrid and Manchester City. the UFABET report

“We are very disappoint. It was a great trip. And nobody who got knock out of the group stage last season could reach the semi-finals by beating teams like Tottenham and Napoli, but we have a chance to reach the final. Sport Mediaset

“We were disappoint because we were unfortunate to make mistakes among ourselves in the first 15 minutes of the first leg. The rest, we face a very strong team and ready for the job. We had a few chances to score goals in this game. And it might help, but it might not be enough. “

I can’t blame my players, because they give their best, we try with our own style of football. and dedicate all their energy and energy Now we have to finish the season in the best possible way, because it’s a shame we won’t do that.”

Pioli made the decision long before making the substitution until Inter took the lead in the 74th minute, where he was heavily criticize.

“I was prepare to make substitutions when they score. The team controls the game well. And we got to their penalty area many times, but we lacked precision and quality. Then while we were preparing the substitution, they scored and it ended like that,” added Pioli.